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To contact any of the National committee members please email: consasec@gmail.com or via mail: PO Box 3207 Murrumbeena VIC 3163


Colin Cassells

Communication Sub Committee

Masters Degree in Gerontology

Continence Position Held: Clinical Nurse Consultant: Continence at Peter James Centre (part of Eastern Health in Melbourne), and on the National Continence Helpline.

Clinical interest: Continence in the elderly. Colin developed a clinical interest in continence as a registered nurse in the community. He has a Master’s Degree in Gerontology, served on state and national committees of Nurses for Continence and the Continence Foundation of Australia, and published several papers and book chapters related to continence.

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Janie Thompson

President, & Presidents' Sub Committee

Continence Position Held:  Continence Nurse Consultant and Continence Service Manager. Alfred Health Continence Service – Caulfield

Clinical interest:  Janie has worked as a Clinical Nurse Consultant in a number of nursing settings, including community, acute, sub-acute and rehabilitation. Her areas of interest are: Continence in Gerontology: Catheters

Vicki Patton

Vice President

Continence Position Held: Clinical Nurse Consultant Anorectal Physiology, Pelvic Floor Unit, St George Hospital Sydney

Clinical Interest: Defaecatory disorders and pelvic floor dysfunction

Alyson Sweeney

Tasmania State Representative

Master of Nursing (Continence).

Continence Position Held: Clinical Nurse Consultant at Community Continence Services, Hobart. Clients of the service are of all ages and from a variety of referral sources.

Clinical interest: Alyson has worked in this area for some fifteen years. She has a pParticular area of clinical interest is the care needs of people who have a long-term suprapubic catheter.

Stephen Marburg


Continence Position Held: Coordinator National Continence Helpline. Clinical Nurse Consultant (Continence) Werribee Mercy Hospital and the National Continence Helpline Co-ordinator. Continence Foundation of Australia. Level 1, 30-32 Sydney Road. Brunswick VIC 3056. Telephone 1800 33 00 66

Clinical interest: Management of Neurological Conditions, especially Multiple Sclerosis; Men’s Health including prostate issues; supporting continence services from a national perspective are Steve’s areas of interests.

Karen Matthews

Queensland State  Representative

Continence Position Held:  Continence Nurse Advisor and the manager of Blue Care Continence Advisory Service, Brisbane.

Clinical interest: Assisting people with complex continence needs and provides continence care education for service providers.

Karen facilitates the popular Blue Care/ University of Queensland School of Nursing and Midwifery, Continence Advisors Course, and aims to improve the quality of life of people with bladder and bowel problems by; in particular, educating health care workers that incontinence is not a normal part of ageing.

Joby Alex

NSW State Representative

Post Graduate Certificate in Aged Care Nursing/Continence Management, Certificate IV in Front Line Management, Assessing and Teaching in clinical practices. Currently doing Masters in nursing (Primary health care)

Continence Postions Held: Continence CNC, Integrated Care and Community Health, Western Sydney Local Health District

Clinical Interest: Primary health care focus in urological and continence nursing

Nicola Jelinek

Northern Territory State  Representative

RN, Grad Cert (Continence and Urology), Grad Cert (Community Development)

Continence Position Held: Continence nurse advisor in Alice Springs.  Providing primary health care across the lifespan in all areas of continence and urology.

Clinical Interest: Childhood incontinence, especially faecal incontinence of which we seem to have a high prevalence in Central Australia.  Women's incontinence and providing education about this.  Providing culturally safe care, and filling the many gaps within our Central Australian community.

Anna Ferrier


Continence Position Held: Only continence nurse advisor based in Roma, Queensland, 479 km west of Brisbane. Provides a client service across the life span, particularly indigenous, aged and disabled which includes individual client consultation, educating staff and the community as well as being a leader in the field. Participates and consults with clients in the urology and gynaecology clinics and have established a urodynamics clinic in Roma in partnership with the flying obstetric and gynaecology service. Provides a remote area outreach service.

Clinical Interest: Women who suffer from urinary incontinence. Also involved in a joint physiotherapy and continence clinic with a Women’s Health Physiotherapist for the management of clients with complex issues, using a multidisciplinary approach.


Karen Allingham

Western Australia State Representative

RN, MN, Nurse Practitioner

Continence Position Held: Clinical Nurse Consultant at the Continence Service at Royal Perth Hospital since 2007 and successfully achieved Masters of Nursing (Nurs Prac) in 2012.

Clinical interest: Background in urology at a private hospital resulted in an interest in continence and undertaking study in this area.  This lead to a role as a Continence Advisor in the community with Residential Care Facilities.  Karen returned to the acute hospital environment in 2002 and in 2003 began working in the Continence Service at Royal Perth Hospital.

Dr Joan Ostaszkiewicz

Chair Professional Issues and Education Sub Committee.


Position Held: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Faculty of Health, Deakin University - Melbourne Burwood Campus

Research, education and practice interests: Continence promotion for frail older adults, building workforce capacity for the continence nursing and aged care workforce, systematic review methodology, evidence based practice, mixed methods research, and knowledge translation

Elizabeth Watt

Chair Professional Issues and Education Sub Committee.

Masters Degree in Nursing

Position Held: An academic in the School of Nursing & Midwifery, La Trobe University, located in the clinical school at Austin Health

Clinical interest: In urological and continence nursing. Liz coordinates the Master of Nursing (urological and continence) courses and the prostate nursing care short course. She is also year 3 undergraduate program coordinator within the clinical school. Liz has researched and published on issues related to urological and continence nursing, health assessment, supportive care and clinical education.

Lisa Wragg

Communication Sub Committee

B. AppSci (Ad Nurs), RN Grad Dip Business Management, Cert IV Training & Assessment

Continence Position Held: Executive Officer, Victorian Continence Resource Centre, Continence Foundation of Australia, Victorian Branch

Clinical interest: Lisa has worked in this specialised clinical area of continence assessment, diagnosis and management for over 20 years. She was instrumental in the development and implementation of the national continence helpline. Her breadth of experience includes working with adults with disabilities, children with special needs, aged care and subacute ambulatory care community clients. Her holistic approach to continence promotion attempts to ensure that consumers get the right continence care at the right place in the right time.




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Michael Arthur

South Australia State Representative

RN; Grad Dip App Sci (Rehab), Grad Cert Continence Promotion and Management

Continence Position Held: RN Consultant; Community Lifestyle Advisory Service, PQSA

Clinical Interest: Michael has worked in the area of Spinal Injuries since 1980. He has experience in working in all three areas of Acute; Rehabilitation Community based SCI management. (Community based with PQSA since 2001). He has an interest in continence management of all neurological or disability based continence dysfunction; Men’s Health; Reproductive medicine for Spinal Cord Injured or neurologically impaired men.


Neridah Prince

Victorian State Representative

Continence Position Held: Continence Clinical Nurse Consultant at Bolton Clarke (previously the Royal District Nursing Service) Southern Region, Melbourne

Clinical interest:Continence/catheter management in the community; Education and support to clients of all ages; Keen interest in catheter care, management of autonomic dysreflexia and providing education and support to carers of people who live in the community with urinary and faecal incontinence.


Joanne Dean

Professional Issues and Education Sub Committee.

Position Held: CNC-Continence (West Hume), Nurse Practitioner Candidate

Clinical interest: Aged Care, and community care.