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La Trobe University

Urology and Continence

La Trobe University School of Nursing & Midwifery currently offers the opportunity to complete postgraduate studies in urology and continence nursing via the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) short course portal.


The two urological and continence nursing specialist subjects (A & B) focus on the pathological mechanisms and therapeutic approaches to bowel and bladder health issues, the psychosocial impact of urological disorders and incontinence and the development of a specialist role in urological and continence nursing practice. They are designed to give students the opportunity to examine contemporary urological and continence nursing and to advance their knowledge and skills in these specialist areas of practice.


These two 15-credit point subjects build upon the Advanced Health Assessment subject which must be completed prior to, or concurrently with, the Urological and Continence Nursing A subject.


**You have the option to complete one, two, three, or four CPD subjects.  Successful completion of four CPD subjects - 60 credit points (Advanced Health Assessment, Urological & Continence Nursing A & B and one other relevant 15-credit subject, for example, prostate nursing) will enable you to apply for advanced standing into the graduate diploma-level of the Master of Nursing at La Trobe University.


For further information and enrolment please click here


ICS Self Education

ICS provides a page with links to free resources for self education on a range of continence issues; click here


VCRC Education Courses

The Victorian Continence Resource Centre offers a range of education courses.

See here for a flyer with further informaton or go straight to the VCRC Professional Development page - click here.



The Australian College of Nurses has re redveloped its single subject 'Continencer Management'. For details, click here.



Hollywood Private Hospital are offering courses for health professionals taking on the role of Continence Nurse Specialist. The course is full time over four weeks and includes clinical placements. Click on the links here for the Flyer and Registration Form.



Text; Management of Fecal Incontinence for the Advanced Practice Nurse by Donna Bliss

Under the auspices of ICS

For a flyer with more information, - click here. For the website, click here.



Article; Nonsurgical Treatments for Urinary Incontinence in Women: A Systematic Review Update

Balk E, Adam GP, Kimmel H, Rofeberg V, Saeed I, Jeppson P, Trikalinos T. click here


Article; 'A call to action - Nursing must do more to reduce lower urinary tract symptoms'

This article can be accessed via a link which expires on 16 Jun 2020. Authors are; AnnemarieDowling-Castronovo, ChristineBradway, AlisonKitson, JoanOstaszkiewicz, Mary H.Palmer.   It is from International Journal of Nursing Studies

Volume 107, July 2020, 103577. To access, Click here.