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By colincassells, Mar 27 2020 04:00AM

The National Continence Helpline will continue to function as an essential service during the current COVID-19 crisis.An increased volume of calls is anticipated particularly if consumers are concerned about accessing continence products,

If you are, or become aware, of any issues with supply of continence products, could you please email the details ASAP to the consasec@gmail.com email address so that we may collate the information and provide it to CFA.

Thanking you for your support, and stay safe, well and calm during this difficult time.

By colincassells, Oct 8 2019 10:49AM

The CoNSA AGM and Cocktail Party will be held on Wednesday, 13th November. The AGM will commence at 6pm at The Element Room at the Pullman Albert Park and be followed by the Cocktail Party at 7.30pm at The Park.

You should receive information about these events. If not, please email CoNSA on consasec@gmail.com. Please ensure you RSVP to attend the cocktail party to the listed RSVP email.

All executive positions on the committee will be vacant and open for re-election at the AGM. If anyone is interested in joining the national committee, please complete a nomination form, or contact the secretary on consasec@gmail.com if you have any queries about what committee representation may involve.

The Committee look forward to seeing you in Melbourne on the 13th November, 2019.

Joanne Dean

President, CoNSA National.

By consaeditor, Oct 23 2018 02:16AM

Dear CoNSA Members,

As I approach my last day as CoNSA President, I would like to sincerely thank the CoNSA Management Committee and all CoNSA members who have shown me incredible support over the last 5 years. Together we have become a united voice for continence nursing in Australia in an increasingly political environment.

There are so many incredibly dedicated, professional, talented and knowledgable Nurse Continence Specialists in Australia who work hard to improve the lives of their clients. CoNSA is very proud to represent you. Please continue your amazing work and being the voice to reinforce the importance of continence nursing and care.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the CoNSA AGM and Cocktail Party tomorrow night.


Janie Thompson

By consaeditor, Oct 15 2017 12:11AM

The CoNSA AGM and Dinner are fast approaching. You should have received information about the AGM and Dinner. If not, please email CoNSA on consasec@gmail.com. Please make sure you RSVP to attend the CoNSA Dinner. You must be on time for the CoNSA AGM as this year's Dinner involves a cruise of Sydney Habour and we depart during the AGM.

At the CoNSA AGM, we will be looking to endorse the review Practice Standards for Nurse Continence Specialists. You should have received a copy of this document with the AGM information. The CoNSA Management Committee lead by the Professional Issues and Education Subcommittee (particulary Elizabeth Watt and Joan Ostaszkiewicz) have been working on this document for the last few years and we are very proud of the end result. We hope you will find it a helpful and useful document.

I look forward to seeing you all at the CoNSA AGM and Dinner on Wednesday 15 November at 6pm.


Janie Thompson

President, CoNSA

By consaeditor, Mar 12 2017 04:28AM

All CoNSA members should have received an email asking them to give feedback on the draft CoNSA Practice Standards for Nurse Continence Specialists. Please take the time to complete the online survey as your feedback is important. Once we have your feedback, we can then develop the final draft of the Practice Standards for ratification at the CoNSA AGM later this year.

Thank you,

Janie Thompson

CoNSA President, National

By consaeditor, Dec 4 2016 01:13AM

Please find below a new review article that should be of interest to the CoNSA membership:

Beeckman D, Van Damme N, Schoonhoven L, Van Lancker A, Kottner J, Beele H, Gray M, Woodward S, Fader M, Van den Bussche K, Van Hecke A, De Meyer D, Verhaeghe S. Interventions for preventing and treating incontinence-associated dermatitis in adults. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2016, Issue 11. Art. No.: CD011627. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD011627.pub2. Available here: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/14651858.CD011627.pub2/abstract

By consaeditor, Oct 29 2016 11:56PM

The CoNSA AGM and Dinner are fast approaching. I was very excited to hear that there are over 130 people registered to attend. It is an important night for CoNSA, when we have the opportunity to gather as a group, review the last 12 months and then celebrate our achievements and wonderful friendships. CoNSA National is also close to sending out the final draft of the reviewed CoNSA Practice Standards. We will be seeking feedback from CoNSA members on this very improtant document which will involve an online survey.

See you in Adelaide on 9 November 2106.

Janie Thompson

President, CoNSA National

By consaeditor, Jul 31 2016 10:02AM

Dr Joan Ostaszkiewicz has suggested the following journal articles may be of interest to CoNSA Members:

Norton, C., Dibley, L. and Kerry, S. (2015) '(FINS) Faecal incontinence intervention study: Self-management booklet information with or without nurse support to improve continence in people with inflammatory bowel disease.' Trials 16:444

Engberg, S. (2013) '40 Tears of Excellence: A Review of Incontinence Literature in the WOCN Society's Official Publication.' J Wound Ostomy Continence Nurs 40(5):453-456

Report of the Continence Care steering group (2014) 'Minimum Standards for Continence Care in the United Kingdom.'

Tannenbaum, C. et al (2015) 'Continence Across Continents To Upend Stigma and Dependency (CACTUS-D): study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial.' Trials 16:565

Eustice, S. (2014) 'Are our continence services fit for purpose?'JCN 28:1

By consaeditor, Jul 3 2016 01:42AM

Professor Sanchia Aranda – Cancer Council of Australia CEO - was the guest speaker at the Council of National Nursing and Midwifery Organisations (CoNNMO) which I was fortunate enough to attend as a CoNSA representative in May 2016. Sanchia gave a very inspiring presentation of nurses needing to find their voice and be proud of what we do.

Sanchia suggested the following references,so please take the time to look at them:

We still have to work to break the silence - Sanchia Aranda - Collegian (2015) 22, 351-352 - see www.sciencedirect.com

Mom’s Marijuana – Dan Shapiro - see Dr Shapiro's Real-Life Tribute to Oncology Nurses at www.cancernetwork.com

Being Ordinary - Bev Taylor

Therapeutic Communication – Paul Wachtel

The silence and the silencing of the nurse’s voice: a reading of patient progress notes – Judith Parker and Glenn Gardiner – Aust J Adv Nurs Dec 1991 1992 Feb 9(2)3-9

From Silence to Voice: What Nurses Know and Must Communicate to the Public – Suzanne Gordon and Bernice Buresh


Janie Thompson

President, CoNSA National

By colincassells, May 24 2016 06:21AM

Many thanks to Dr Ostaskiewicz for suggesting the following 5 articles;

Development of a Decision Aid for Intermittent Self-catheterization. Jean Brown; Gail Creelman; Donna Fossum; Maria Jones; Sandra Roberts; Teri Anne Schroeder. Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing Volume 43 Issue 1 2016


Does Instruction to Eliminate Coffee, Tea, Alcohol, Carbonated, and Artificially Sweetened Beverages Improve Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms?: A Prospective Trial Janis M. Miller; Caroline E. Garcia; Sarah Becker Hortsch; Ying Guo; Megan O. Schimpf. Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing Volume 43 Issue 1 2016


Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Dimensions of the Lower Urinary Tract Symptom Experience in Men With Parkinson's Disease Helene J. Moriarty; Joanne P. Robinson; Lisette Bunting-Perry; Christine W. Bradway. Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing Volume 43 Issue 1 2016

 Lesley Dibley, Christine Norton, Nikki Cotterill, ... Development and initial validation of a disease-specific bowel continence questionnaire for inflammatory bowel disease patients: the ICIQ-IBD. European journal of gastroenterology & hepatology 11/2015; DOI:10.1097/MEG.000000000000051

Clarke-O’Neill S1, Farbrot A, Lagerstedt ML, Cottenden A, Fader M. An Exploratory Study of Skin Problems Experienced by UK Nursing Home Residents Using Different Pad Designs. J Wound Ostomy Continence Nurs. 2015 Nov-Dec;42(6):621-31. doi: 10.1097/WON.0000000000000177

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